• Know Who You’re Renting To

    All FlatSavvy renters go through a formal identity verification process to build trust in the rental market and help give you more information when you are deciding who you will rent to. When a renter applies to rent your flat, you will have access to a complete, up-to-date rental history.

  • Secure Easy Payments

    Register for online payments to have your damage deposit and monthly rent directly to your account, for a small monthly fee. Rest assured that your rental payments will be paid on time. In the rare circumstance that rent is late or their payment is missed, the renter's 5 star rating becomes negatively impacted. This reduced rating remains until the outstanding rent is paid in full.

  • Manage All Your Flats Online

    The “My Flats” includes links to allow a renter to give notice, raise maintenance concerns or simply make a payment. We help you manage your flats by sending notifications of any items that require your attention. Once a tenancy agreement is signed, we maintain a timeline of events to assist both the renter and landlord throughout the term of the agreement.