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  • Find Your Rental Fast

    After signing up, go to the Flat Listings page, and choose from the available rentals in your area. Narrow your search by using the filters provided to eliminate flats that do not meet your basic needs.

  • Know Who You’re Renting From

    Once a landlord signs up with FlatSavvy, they create a profile of their own. This profile is rated by renters like yourself following a rental term. It is the landlord's priority to make your comfort their number one concern.

  • Become a Trusted Renter

    If you’re new to renting and have had challenges with previous rental applications, FlatSavvy is for you. When you're ready to apply for a flat, the landlord will be able to see your verified profile and rental history, which will give you the edge over other renters.

  • All Your Rental Needs Here

    Once you enter into a tenancy agreement through FlatSavvy, you can give notice, or notify. Our job is to make your tenancy and relationship with your landlord as easy as possible.

  • Putting Trust in the Rental Market

    With verified renter and landlord profiles, online payments and ratings systems, we help ensure that your next dream flat is a positive experience.